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Yvette Klein Yoga 


I qualified from a two year 750 hrs+ teacher training course at Yoga Vidya in Cologne, Germany in 2008. The Yoga I studied and teach is in the Integral Hatha Yoga Tradition of Swami Sivananda. It is based on a 90 minute sequence involving deep breathing, flowing and static poses and a final relaxation. It works on all body systems harmonising and energising them. It is useful for people of any age and yoga experience, and can be adjusted and varied to individual needs and likes. 

I have experienced many different yoga styles and find the Sivananda sequence the most engergising and harmonising, as it works on all body systems.


Since my late teens I´ve been exploring various yoga traditions and other ways of mindfulness.

During my two year teacher training, I felt such clarity, happiness and healthy body inhabitation, that I decided to stay with the Yoga Vidya/Sivananda tradition and focus my life on its teachings. It became my new way of living! 

To keep things alive, I keep on furthering my knowledge and qualifiactions, mainly in one of the Yoga Vidya Ashrams. Training in - prenatal yoga, kids yoga, mantra yoga, yogic philosophy, anatomy & physiology and more recently Yoga Nidra :)



The Yoga we teach…

We teach Hatha Yoga following the teachings of Swami Sivananda who tought integral yoga. There is an inherent logic to the Sivananda Sequence. It starts with a short relaxation, mentally arriving in our bodies and the yoga class. This is followed by pranayama/breathing exersises. Elevating and depenenig our breath, releasing stagnant air and making space for new impressions and giving more energy. Toxins are released, and our mind cleared. This is followed by the sun salutaion and standing variations, offering a cardivascular workout, stretching and mobilisation.

Static poses (Asanas) follow. Inversions, forward bends, back bends and twists. Mobilising and freeing up the body, letting us drop right into our centre. The classes end in a final relaxation where the benefits of the sequence can be felt, such as a sense of wholeness, peace and connection. The classes are adapted to ability, and life situation. They can be accompanied by mantras/kirtan, affirmations and yogic philosophy. 


The yoga classes tought in the Lakshmi Yoga Shed are for small groups up to three people. Due to the small class sizes there is enough time for lots personal attention. Focussing on a flowing breath, aligning the body and gently assisting you during your yoga postures.

The classes are based on the Sivananda/Yoga Vidya style of teaching. A sequence involving deep breathing, a flowing sequence and more introspective static part, leading into a final relaxation. The classes are often accompanied by harmonium and voice.

Suitable for all! As this beautiful sequence can be and is adapted to personal needs.

Any questions, please contact Yvette.