kids yoga 



At the moment we are exploring Hindu Gods and Goddesses during our Kids Yoga Days.

We read stories about heroes, princesses and flying monkeys. We look at the deeper meaning of theses stories and relate them to our every day lives. Where can we use the strength or gooodness these characters imbody.

We sing and use instruments, some of them made during our workshops. Do a yoga class, concentrating on poses relevant to the story. Then we snack and briefly go into nature, sometimes to play, or collect objects for our craft session. We then craft something simple but relevant to the theme we´re exploring that day. The crafted pieces, be it lanterns, rainmakers or drums are part of our final gathering in the shed.  

Our aim is to learn about yoga - how we can apply it in everyday life, be creative and have fun. 


next kids yoga 

coming soon :)