about the shed…about yoga

The yoga shed came to life as a place that offers a possibility of immersing into this union or re-union. That feeling of returning home. May this be to ourselvers, others, our surroundings. Find a moment of peace, bringing connection, ease and happiness. It could be children laughing, music, or our minds withdrawing to a quiet space within. Yes, we will be using classic yoga asanas/postures, breath and meditation, - but yoga is a lot more than this. It is everything that surrounds us really, as long as we focus our attention to it. Staying present in our own experiences. We will playfully explore different areas, such as - adult yoga, prenatal yoga, kids yoga & crafts days, music, singing, poetry…and are open to new forms emerging. Tapping into that Lakshmi engergy, that energy of abundance. The shed sets a frame, for the individual to fill, with their uniqueness, coming together to create, explore and share :)